With more than 20 years of experience, our various engineering teams work collaboratively to deliver turnkey projects that include:

Project design

Our engineering team integrates many different disciplines necessary to create project from initial concept all the way to the final implementation. At Teltech, we are capable to collaborate with multiple providers & experts as a team to deliver mission critical projects.

Network design

A project’s network component is critical for accurate implementation of different systems and sub systems that a complete solution requires. At Teltech, our holistic view allows us to control all the pieces and components together in a product to ensure success.

Systems integration

Teltech’s group of experts are capable in designing and implementing systems that unify with customer interaction platforms to improve productivity and customer experience.

Process & Procedures design

Utilizing the right technology is not always enough for success. It is crucial to implement detailed process and procedures to ensure the best practices for the project’s longevity. Our experts and consultants assist in designing and documenting procedures that assure accurate project implementation.


We provide technical and user training that guarantee the project development process is meeting the customer’s expectations.